Individual Panels

Purchasing individual panels and trims will let you better customize a job that doesn't fit with one of our standard kits.

Individual panels and trims are available for purchase through FlexStone dealers and contractors.


We offer a wide variety of trim moldings to:

  • finish raw edges of panels
  • inside and outside corners
  • cover seams between two panels
  • or cover window ledges.

Accessories & Accent Strips

We have what you'll need to give your
bathroom that custom look.:

  • Corner shelves
  • Recessed shampoo caddies
  • Classy stone-pattern accent strips

Shower Floors

Our shower floors are made with a matte-finish, slip-resistant material, and of course, come in the same great FlexStone colors as the wall panels and trims.

Optionally, a 2 in. tile effect can be added to shower floors.

Available Colors


  • Quick Installation
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Won't Chip or Crack
  • No Grout or Sealers
  • Shower & Tub Surrounds
  • Hotels * Care Facilities

Contact Details

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